Eye Spy






Photography by Melissa Enriquez

Jacket: Urban Outfitters, similar / Sweater: Asos / Jeans : Zara / Boots : Urban Outfitters similar / Hat: Charming Charlie similar / Bag: The White Pepper / Sunglasses: Tautmun , Similar 

On more than one occasion I’ve had someone ask me if I ever wear the same outfit twice. The answer to this question isn’t a firm no, nor a solid yes. Obviously my closet doesn’t stretch to infinity ( as my fantastical mind imagines celebrities’ closets to be), but I do try to mix and match pieces to keep my wardrobe fresh. As I’m getting dressed, I try to think outside the box when it comes to how I can wear my items. Can I belt a long top over a dress? Or throw on a leather jacket over my turtleneck sweater?

Getting creative with how you wear things gets you more wear out of your items. Better yet it gives the illusion of having a new wardrobe without having gone on a spree!! ( although we all need one of those on an occasion or two…or three)  Another way to keep your outfits looking modern and interesting? Try mixing different textures, as I did in the look here (chunky knit + leather + denim+ faux fur = eye catching). If you are just getting your feet wet with this fashion thing, start with accessories. Switch out different baubles, shoes, and scarves with your favorite outfit. When your out shopping make sure to buy intriguing accessories. What’s the point of getting dressed if you can’t have fun?!

I’ll leave you with a fashion challenge for the day: stand back and take a long look in your closet; Now think of three different ways to wear your favorite piece ,and make sure you have fun.. even if it means taking a risk! I bet I could spy with my little eye something fresh and chic!

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