Springtime in Paris






Photography by Melissa Enriquez

Jumper Dress: Forever 21, similar / Paris Shirt: Forever 21 / Ankle Boots: Aldo, similar / Handbag: Zara , similar / Hat: Forever 21 , similar

It’s Spring time in Paris… or in Pennsylvania. Same thing right? Right now I am in LOVE with this jumper dress that I found at Forever 21. Paired with my striped cropped t-shirt and a fedora, I feel very Parisian chic (even if I am only in PA).

Sometimes I feel like I have passed my prime for shopping at Forever 21, but than I go in and find great pieces, like this dress, at irresistible prices. I think there is a strategy  to finding items at Forever 21 without feeling Forever 16 in a 28 year old body. For my fellow late 20’s fashionistas, let me share my tips:

1. Look for pieces that look luxe. Search for expensive looking fabrics and textures,like faux suede and intricate lace.

2. Be sure to avoid cheaper fabrics such as shiny taffeta. Certain fabrics look cheap even when you are paying high price. So when buying inexpensive items avoid these materials all together.

3. Buy items that have interesting details. When window shopping high end brands, I noticed what makes items special are the details. Search through the racks at F21 for stand out details such as embroidery or exposed zippers.

4. Lastly, always look in the Love21 section. This area of the store is geared towards a more mature shoppers like myself. The items there have longer hemlines and more contemporary looks.

Let me leave you with a quick disclaimer, I know buying these inexpensive items might mean they don’t last FOREVER. However, I am not paying a high price so I don’t expect them to. I say pay less for trendy fast moving styles and invest in classics & basics. But that is a story for another post…

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