Shirt: Target, similar / Vest: Forever 21 , similar / Jeans: Zara / Shoes:  Crown Vintage / Backpack: Steve Madden / Sunglasses: Quay

For a few weeks now I have been bugging my boyfriend to go see the International Pop , pop art exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art . This past Saturday we finally had a chance to go explore! First we brunched at Jack’s Firehouse and then we meandered through the halls full of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and more. My personal favorites were the pieces centered around old advertisements or people of the time period.

Although it’s not his favorite thing to do, James was sweet enough to appease me and get some culture at the museum. ( he was also patient enough to take some pictures for this post during our date! ) I was feeling a little artsy since we were heading to the PMOA ( I don’t know if people actually call it that but oh well) so I threw on all black and a striped tee. In order to make the outfit a little more interesting I added my long vest and this layered necklace. As to not to be too serious, I swept a POP of color onto my lips!

Even if you aren’t an art lover, I suggest going to see the exhibit. It isn’t strictly art, it’s also a part of pop culture history. I am certainly not an art expert and I enjoyed it. Also if you drag your boyfriend along, take him to the Armor exhibit on the second floor. It’s a very intriguing historical exhibit and something a little more manly for your knight in shining armor to appreciate.


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