Friend Favorites

IMG_1495 Today’s blog is not about my outfits, it’s all about my friends!  My friends tend to ask me fashion advice, so I thought it would be fun to venture into their closets. In my Friend Favorites feature ( say that 3x fast) I have my friends pick out a few of their favorite pieces and I show them new ways to wear them. It gives their go to pieces more longevity!

My first closet take over victim is my best friend Christina. ( thanks for letting me in your closet!) She first pulled out this cream lace dress from Forever 21. Christina showed me how she tends to wear the dress ( see above). She is a country fan and took the dress in that direction by pairing it with her cowboy boots. I think she looks adorable but let’s find another way for her to wear it…

My beautiful BFF has had this dress forever and its a great piece, but its time to switch it up! I added a little grunge to the lace dress by pairing it with a plaid shirt and combat boots. The juxtaposition between the feminine dress and the edgy shoes and plaid make this look interesting ( and very Christina). When I am helping friends pick outfits, I always try to keep their style in mind but infuse a little of my fashion sense. Christina loves plaid so this outfit is right up her alley! This outfit is perfect for a casual day date or shopping at the flea market.

IMG_1477 For this looks, her favorite piece is the leather light blue Ann Taylor skirt. She typically wears this outfit for work.

IMG_1483 I transformed the outfit into a chic party look by pairing it with her white lace crop top and nude pumps. She could even wear this to church by throwing on a trench. In order to switch up how you wear a piece, think outside the box. Pair it with colors you might not expect like this mint bag with the blue skirt. Originally our first thought was that it may be too much pastel, but it works! She looks gorgeous and the best part is she had all of these things in her closet! Don’t get stuck in a rut wearing the same outfits. Instead of buying new clothes all the time just take a longer look in your closet and put on something “new”.

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