A little birdie.

DSC_0445DSC_0451DSC_0461DSC_0487DSC_0448DSC_0495 Photography by Melissa Enriquez

Romper: Zara / Wedges: Report  / Handbag: Francesca’s  , similar

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite brands, Zara. It has recently come to my attention that many people have never even heard of it!? This was mind blowing to me considering I can’t get enough of the brand. However, then it occurred that not everyone is fashion obsessed ( some might even consider it a sickness). The company is European based and mainly has brick and mortar stores in metropolitan areas. The first time I shopped there was when I spent time abroad in Italy in college and I haven’t looked back since.

I am constantly on the hunt for somewhere unique and new to shop ( this would probably also explain why I am always online shopping) and Zara fits the bill.  The store has definitely become one of my go to places to shop for the new and exciting. Below are the reasons why I am Zara obsessed and why you should be too:

  1.  It’s a more mature version of Forever 21. Zara still offers trendy fashion items but the items are more suitable for work and the hem lines are longer. I can continue shopping at the retailer for many years to come and still find pieces acceptable for many ages.

2. The prices are still affordable. I will admit that Zara is a tad more pricey than                         Forever 21 or H&M. However, their price point is still affordable and you can find                     some items in a similar price range as those other retailers. There are some more                   expensive items such as coats and shoes… but these leads me to my next point…

3. The quality of the merchandise is superior to other fast fashion stores. There are                   some items that can cost upwards of $99-250 but I would be comfortable investing                 more money in these pieces because I know I am getting better quality then at other             stores. I certainly consider Zara a fast fashion retailer but the clothing won’t fall                     apart in just a few washes.

4. They have a European aesthetic. My style definitely has a European influence.                           Since the company is based in Spain, I think they have that look down.

5. They made this romper I’m wearing.

One thing I will say about Zara is that I prefer shopping in the actual store. I find the clothing more appealing in person. I do not always love the items styled on the models online. My advice to you if you can’t get to a store is to give the items a chance on the website. Think about how it will look on you IRL. Maybe Zara won’t be for everyone… but when people start complimenting you on your new Zara clothes tell them a little birdy told you about this great store… ( In case you didn’t notice I was referencing my bird print shoes and bird backdrop ). Now go shop!

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