Blurred Lines

DSC00660 DSC00668DSC00677DSC00657

Photography by Melissa Enriquez

Dress: By Mo Lisa / Shoes: Crown Vintage / Choker: By Mo Lisa

Today’s fashion lesson is to step outside the lines or erase them altogether. Maybe a certain hat or shirt or shoe is not your usual style… but maybe, just maybe you should step outside the lines of comfort. The dress I’m wearing in this shoot is not something that I would consider my style or my usual go to… however, when I put on this dress my confidence soared. I instantly fell in love with this cover up dress! The point is that you don’t know what works for you and what makes you feel the best until you try it. If you color outside the lines you might find a new style that is your new favorite. You really have nothing to lose by at least trying on a different style… if its not you than no one will know but you and the dressing room mirror! So go ahead and try it!!

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