Closet Cleanout 101


The seasons are changing,which means it is time for me put away my bikinis and bring out the sweaters. Every new season when I am transitioning my wardrobe I make it a point to purge my closet. This can be a daunting task and if you are like me, you find yourself thinking: “When should I get rid of this?”, “What if I need it for shirt for Halloween 5 years from now?”, “But I wore this on our first date!” ,” I might lose weight and fit in those designer jeans I bought on sale at Marshalls”.  But I am here to help you make those decisions and ease you through your closet catharsis! After many years of purging, I have come up with my own closet cleanout rules to live by. Check out my tips below and by the end you will be a closet pro! ( rhyme not intended)

  1. Take everything out of your closet. This may sound overwhelming,but by taking everything out you are starting with a clean slate and you can more easily assess what you have.
  2. Organize by category. While taking everything out, put them in piles by category . Put the short sleeve shirts together, jackets together, and dresses together. This will make putting everything back in later less daunting. Also be sure to keep things on the hangers while sorting into piles.
  3. Make bins or bags marked Donate ,Trash ,and Sell. This will help you stay organized as you are taking items out of your closet and deciding the fate of your favorite blouses. Keep on reading below to tips on selecting what to keep, donate, trash, and sell.  img_6408
  4.  If you answer no to any of the following questions get rid of it. It’s time to let go! Ask yourself these questions when weeding out your wardrobe:
    1. Have you worn it in the past 6-12 months?
    2. Does it still fit?
    3. Is it still your style?
    4. Is it in good condition?
  5.  If you put items in the discard pile and answer yes to any or all of these questions you can put it in the sell pile:
    1. Was it expensive?
    2. Is it only lightly worn?
    3. Is it still trendy?
  6. Invest in space saving velvet hangers. They really do save a tone of space and they make your closet look neater and organized.
  7. Keep your shoes in their original boxes. This makes it easier to stack them and protects them from dust.
  8. Put your clothes back in by category and then organize them by color within the category. This makes your closet look much more organized and it makes it easier to find items.

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  1. Peachy

    What great advise!! Now I just have to follow it. Thanks for sharing your time and expertise with us. You are amazing!!!!



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