Let’s get… motivated!



I have always been into working out ( well I go through phases) But lately I have been trying to take my healthy eating and fitness seriously. It start with a 31 day challenge and I am trying to continue the pattern. My girls at Tone It Up keep me on task and provide the best healthy eating advice and great daily workouts.

Another way I stay motivated to workout is with cute athletic clothes! Nothing gets me more excited to workout than the idea of putting on a cute new pair of leggings or an awesome printed sports bra. It used to be more difficult to find cute active wear, but now with athleisure being so popular it is more accessible. There are some great places to find affordable and cute active wear. There are great places like Lululemon and Sweaty Betty but they can be pricey. ( I have a few pieces but I made sure to find a deal on eBay).

Nowadays there is no reason to break the bank. I love shopping Forever 21, Old Navy, and Target for my workout wear fix. Being that they are so affordable, you might think they might not last through the wear and tear of your workout, but I can attest to the fact that they get the job done. They last long and they are stylish. Forever 21 and Old Navy have the most affordable pieces, but Target also offers a great selection. They carry the Champion brand so they can run a little bit more ( about $30 for workout leggings) but they are worth paying a little extra. Over all, all these stores have an amazing selection. There is no better way to get yourself motivated to workout than finding affordable workout wear!


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